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可是现在很多人却敢敢在 Internet 上乱讲
还制作了一些 video 放上网

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fake Maybank2u

I received an e-mail from Maybank two hours ago about Maintenance Update

By checking it carefully, the sender's e-mail address and the subject are something wrong. It should be "Maintenance", not "Maintanance", should be "Maybank", not "May Bank". 
My curiosity asked me to move forward, therefore, I've clicked the "Click Here" link in the e-mail but my Google Chrome showed me the following screen:

I wondered why Maybank's website is being suspected as phishing site. So, I "Proceed anyway". And I found that the URL is not Maybank2u's real URL, instead, it's a forum's URL!!!

Be careful and beware of this!!
I won't be the only one that receive such e-mail.

I don't think this is the real website from Maybank. I did not try to login as I'm not brave enough.
So.. please let me know if I'm wrong.

If you would like to TEST it, here's the URL:

1st October 2010

Just received e-mail from Maybank regarding my request to investigate the phishing site.

Thank you for your email. 

We would like to inform you that the email you have received is NOT sent by Maybank.  Please ignore it and delete it from your mailbox immediately.  For security reasons, please DO NOT login to any website links contained in an email.
Please note that Maybank will never send emails to customers requesting for personal information. If you wish to access a website belonging to Maybank or its subsidiaries or associates, please enter the relevant website address directly in the browser address bar. 

Please be assured that the relevant department is monitoring the progress closely and action would be taken to take down the phishing websites once it had been detected. However, we are unable to rule out the possibility that another website with a different URL may come up. 

Hence, we would appreciate that you continue to ignore and delete such phishing emails. 

So, be careful!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I've been working in Damansara area for more than one year and tried a lot of food in Damansara and Petaling Jaya area especially during lunch hours. However, there is one famous place that I seldom visit and the number of my visit to this place is obviously countable.
Terrible double parking and difficulty in finding car park are its characteristic and the reasons that stop us visiting it. You are right, it is Damansara Uptown.

Today, we've move one step forward in our food hunting operation by having our lunch in Damansara Uptown and the lucky restaurant was..

(ToyCam effect)

I love its interior design. Colourful, cute, lovely.. comfortable feeling.

(LOMO effect)

(ToyCam effect)

(ToyCam effect)

Baked potato


Everyone's eating happily :D

I love +wondermilk
Wish to visit again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AirAsia Price Chart

AirAsia has become my main consideration when I plan to travel. However, it is always troublesome to check the price of the tickets. It needs us to check one day by one day but this is just too slow especially during the promotion period when we need to grab the ticket faster than others.

Here's something my friend sent to me. It's amazing!!

You can see the cheapest price of the day in the chart for around ONE YEAR at once!!
Besides, you can choose and click the Book button and it will directly link you to AirAsia website for booking! This is really wonderful and it is very helpful in planning of ticket booking.
In addition, the website is presented in English and Simplified Chinese.

Please check everything carefully in the official AirAsia website before booking. I'm not sure how accurate the data of this website is.

Let's travel!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally.. after n years..

Finally.. after n years..

I bought a mobile phone and changed my line from prepaid to postpaid. My previous n phones were provided second-hand-ly by my aunt for free and I was using prepaid since I had my first mobile phone.

After doing some thorough researches from the Internet, I've chosen HTC Desire which is powered by Android to be my new mobile phone. Actually I was tempted to buy this since months ago, even before it was released by Maxis in Malaysia, but I did not take action until last week.

Besides, I finally got my birthday vouchers which has been delayed for 2 months. Yes, I can start shopping in this sales season!! Going to buy a new pair of working shoes.

Not only this birthday vouchers, I also received my RM10 Guardian voucher which I bought through at only RM4.99.

Today's Sinchew Daily newspaper said in horoscope section that I'd have bad lucks, however, I consider today was a good day for me as I received what I was waiting for.

Hope GOOD LUCK continues!!